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Fiction House was established in 1997 by artists Mark Sadler and Elin Jakobsdottir. The first project was Between Two Spaces, an exhibition in a former furniture store in Glasgow’s Charing Cross. In the same year Fiction House went abroad to Paris for three years during which time Fiction-Paris-Glasgow was shown in Rue Geoffroie l’Asnier, le Marais, Paris. From 2005 Fiction House was based in a 19th Cent coal oven heated apartment in Wedding, Berlin where several exhibitions were shown. Fiction House is currently based in a 19th Cent apartment in Strelitzer Strasse, Mitte. The exhibitions/salons that have been held there are Snack Cart Exchange, Paintings Into Sockets, Worktable 1 & Worktable 2, Hot and Sexual Cold and Dead, Ecstatic Symbolic, Bistro du Peintre and Puppet Evenings. In 2014 Fiction House collaborated with Roger Bundschuh Architekten to create Fiction Dacha Folly for the collaborations section of Art Cologne.